Dismantling Workshop

Workshop on racial justice ministry in our churches

We talk about the sin of racism and the complicity of our church in this history, as well as about racial reconciliation, in our church and in the world. But how do we get there, how do we start this work as a parish in Missouri?

This is the second year that the Dismantling Racism Commission is offering a half-day workshop being co-led by diocesan churches involved in the work of racial reconciliation. How did they get started?– the practical and the inspirational. Where do they see their work taking them as a faith community. What is the ongoing work of the commission; how does it support and how is it supported by these ministries.

The workshop is 10 am to Noon on Saturday, Dec. 2, 2017, followed by lunch until 1 pm, and held at St. Martin’s Church in Ellisville. (No cost for workshop and lunch, but registration is required.)

Come to learn best practices, celebrate our archievements so far, and leave with inspiration. Because truly, none of us do this work alone.


*** taken from iSeek sent on 11/2/2017 ***