Time to Nominate for Diocesan Leadership

A Slate to Fill

The process begins again, the annual call for nominations for diocesan leadership positions. Chairperson of the nominations committee this year is Deacon Kevin McGrane. He and the committee have already begun: there are fresh new nomination forms and flyer on this year’s Diocesan Convention webpage at diocesemo.org/convention2019.

How does this work? Hey, you’re reading the weekly diocesan news, we know you’re engaged with mission! Start with yourself…is it time to try on a leadership role or revisit a previously held spot with renewed commitment? Or in your church, know someone who’s contributed a lot to parish leadership and would make an excellent diocesan leader? Or that new member with enthusiasm and energy?

With a new bishop expected in April, Diocesan Council and Standing Committee will likely experience a time of refreshing and imagining, continuing and restarting and new beginning.

We’re electing two lay persons to Council, and 1 lay person and 2 clergy to Standing Committee. There are positions open on the Disciplinary Board and diocesan elected positions on Christ Church Cathedral’s Chapter. (A cathedral’s vestry is often called a chapter.)

AND, this is the year we elect our deputation to General Convention which will take place June 30-July 9, 2021, in Baltimore, MD. We elect 8 lay persons and 8 clergy.


*** Taken from the weekly Diocesan email, iSeek, sent out on Thursday, June 13, 2019 ***