Church Events

The Great Harvest Trivia Night Celebration

Trivia Night 2016The St. Martin’s Garden Committee is holding a trifecta event on Saturday, November 3rd that you won’t want to miss!

First, we are gathering at the 5:o5 service to celebrate our garden harvest for the 2018 season. Then we will congregate in Park Hall where we will bring “appetizers to share;” after which, we will have great fun with our Trivia Night fund raiser hosted by our very own Mike Kelly.

The theme of this year’s Trivia Night is: “What High School Did You Go To?” (Only in St. Louis would such a question make sense). This event will be a virtual cornucopia of trivia down memory lane that only geezers like you and me can appreciate. So make sure to pull out of storage your letter sweater, saddle shoes and the black skirt with that French poodle on it (thought I forgot that didn’t you?). In addition, we will be offering a variety of auction items that will tantalize your bank account.

At this point you can hardly wait to sign up. But you can’t. Not yet.  What we would like you to do instead is take out your calendar or i-phone and circle November 3rd. That’s your reminder to save the date. Consider it sacred. We’ll be giving you more information about this exciting event shortly. For now, reserving this date is “Mission Accomplished.”

Thank you St. Martins for all you do.