Living Your Baptism

The Episcopal School for Ministry (ESM) will offer a retreat on May 10-11 at the Mercy Center in St. Louis.


Episcopal School for Ministry

In cooperation with the Diocesan Community of Deacons, the faculty of the Episcopal School for Ministry has restructured its basic curriculum.

Episcopal School For Ministry Begins 8/25

Now is the time to enroll for our next ESM session. Come explore the spirituality of the baptized! Class begins August 25, 2018. 

Listening for Jesus in angry words and spaces of perfection

An enlightening conversation with Kim White, who will graduate from the Episcopal School for Ministry in July – She talks with podcast host and ESM Dean Dan Handschy about her expectations and what she found at ESM as a regular “person in the pews”–how the classes have enriched her worship and reading of Scripture, and deepened her listening skills which she thinks might be one of the vocations of the Church.

Episcopal School for Ministry

Program for Congregational Vitality

Episcopal School for Ministry (ESM) is offering a new course beginning on January 27. Continuing the theme from this year’s Diocesan Convention, the course will focus on discerning our future. Many congregations in the diocese are facing discernment of one form or another: calling new clergy leadership, facing changing resources, imagining new forms of leadership, […]