Reflections by Mother Leslie


Beloved People of St. Martin’s,

Yesterday we began Lent with Ashes to Go in whirling snow flurries in front of church on Clayton Road. We paused that at noon for a wonderful combined worship service at the Fountains, where members of our parish joined worshipers from the Fountains in our intention to observe a holy Lent. I was so gratified to see so many St. Martin’s faces there, and special thanks go to Virginia Noel for this wonderful idea and arranging the room, as well as to Joan Voit, Loretta Go, and Stu and Linda Hines for their assistance/ liturgical help/ photo skills! We had another lovely Ash Wednesday service at 7 pm here at St. Martin’s, lets in worship by our wonderful choir under Denise Marsh.

One of the most touching things during the Ashes to Go offering were the people who were moved to tears by the opportunity for our parish to offer a way to meet them where they are. We remembered that we were dust, but also that we are beloved dust, made of the same stuff as all of creation. Our conversations and worship together was another way that this space is sacred to people in the community, including people who hunger for a deeper connection with God. We also had at least 8 of our own parishioners as well as two families who returned from last year visit– at one point when it got really windy, we had four cars backed up outside the doors. What a blessing!

This Sunday, the kids of St. Martin’s will help us “bury the alleluias” for the Lenten season, and we will embark in earnest upon this beautiful season of devotion, purification, and repentance. I hope you join me in inviting those you know and love to a holy season of Lenten observance here at St. Martin’s.

In Christ,