Reflections by Mother Leslie

Beloved People of St. Martin’s,

As our program year has drawn to a close, I give thanks for all of you who could join us at our celebration last Sunday. It has been a wonderful program year, with baptisms, confirmation, getting to know long-time members and getting to know and welcome new ones.

I am also eagerly anticipating my coming pilgrimage to Iona, Scotland. I will be leaving on May 30 and traveling to Glasgow and then eventually to Iona, which is an island off an island in the Inner Hebrides that has been an ancient and modern pilgrimage site. Sally Weaver will be with me in Iona, which is one of those happy coincidences—when we made these arrangements, neither one of us knew that we would end up serving among you here at St. Martin’s. I especially look forward to seeing the real version of the St. Martin’s cross I wear around my neck at all times, since the original is from—surprise!– Iona.

During my time away, the Rev. Nathaniel Pyron will be your supply priest. He is a long-time and dear friend and inspiration of mine, and I know you will welcome him warmly. If there is a need for a pastoral emergency, please contact the office to get in touch with him, or with the Rev. Marvin Foltz, who is standing by in case of any necessity.

After spending nine days in Iona, our party will then travel back to Glasgow—but I will then journey to Paris to meet my beloved spouse and spend another nine days on a delayed 30th anniversary trip in the City of Lights. Once Sally returns to St. Louis, she will cover the final weekend of my time away. I am so grateful to leave you all in such capable, loving hands, even though I will miss you so much as well.

Because I will be leaving next week, which is the Feast of the Ascension, one of the major feasts of the Christian calendar, we will be observing Ascension Sunday this coming Sunday. Please join us at one of our three weekend services as we celebrate Jesus’s ascension into heaven and his sending of the Holy Spirit among us.

I will also be holding lector and Eucharistic Minister training at 6 pm on Saturday and 9 am on Sunday—please come see what these ministries are all about and how you might be drawn to leadership in worship.

I look forward to seeing all of you this coming weekend!

In Christ,