Reflections by Mother Leslie

Beloved People of St. Martin’s,

Lent has been an exceptionally busy time here at St. Martin’s—there’s an abundance of energy in the air, helped along, no doubt, by the lengthening days and the warming temperatures.

On March 14, we had an amazing crowd of more than 130 (composed of both members of St. Martins and guests from the greater community around us) turn out for our hosting of the Syrian Dinner in conjunction with Welcome Neighbor STL. My profound thanks go out to my life-long friend, Madeleine Frick-Grucza, who coordinated for Welcome Neighbor, and to members of our Social Justice Committee who worked so hard to make this event a reality, especially Daryl Norman, Terri Garbo, Jeanne King, Mary Drastal, Carole Clary, Gail Schneider, Reuben Rigel and Jane Klein. Lincoln Drake and Tom Warrington did some amazing prep work in Park Hall. Carole Clary also helped encourage people who had questions about an unfamiliar cuisine feel bold enough to try something new. We all also owe a profound thank you to these wonderful parishioners as well as Kirt Beckmann, who helped clean up and then reset Park Hall for a funeral the following morning, and then for the Bishop’s visitation and brunch the following Sunday.

Just this past Tuesday, we also completed, along with our neighbors St. Clare of Assisi and St. Alban Roe, a two-session social justice series on economic and health disparities in the region, presented by a wonderful organization called “Faith and For the Sake of All,” which is currently based at Emmanuel Church in Webster Groves. Thank you to Elin Cogan Adewunmi for her work in getting this collaboration off the ground and coordinated.

I have also received a lovely thank you note from T. J. Houlihan, who is in the Presiding Bishop’s Office of Development in New York City, regarding our Outreach Committee’s donation to the people of Cuba and Puerto Rico who are still struggling to recover from the devastation caused by 2017’s Hurricane Maria. The money has reached Cuba, and is on its way to Puerto Rico, thanks to Mr. Houlihan’s generous assistance in helping us overcome the many barriers to getting aid to the Caribbean.

As our Lenten season deepens, may we continue and expand our vibrant witness in the world.

In Christ,