Opportunities for Prayer Ministry

Would you like to participate in St Martin’s ministry of intercessory prayer?  The Prayer Chain is a confidential ministry of praying for the needs of our members and their families and friends. Although we never meet as a group, there is a sense of community because we are a team.  There are actually 3 teams: The Urgent Prayer Chain prays daily for those who need prayers for illness, surgery, accident, emotional crisis or any life-threatening situation. That prayer list changes as often as needed, sometimes daily. The Cancer Prayer Chain prays daily for those who are living with cancer. This is a long-term prayer list which only changes 4 times a year. The Chronic Illness Prayer Chain offers prayers once a week for parishioners and their immediate family who live with chronic illness and/or chronic pain. That list rarely changes.

You do not need to go anywhere or use special prayers.  You may pray any time and in any place and in whatever way you wish to pray for these people.  If you are interested but have some questions, contact the Rev. Virginia Noel, 636-779-2888 or

If you know which Prayer Chain you would like to participate in, contact Linda Huheey ( or 636-532-9574 for the Urgent Prayer Chain.  For the Cancer Prayer Chain, contact Daryl Norman, or 314-518-4894.  For the Chronic Illness Prayer Chain, contact Virginia Noel, or 636-779-2888.