No In-Person Worship or Meetings Through April 3 – Online Worship Continues

Beloved members of St. Martin’s,

Our diocesan leadership of Bishop Smith and Bishop-Elect Johnson announced that, in abundance of caution and in an attempt to “flatten the curve” of the spread of the COVID-19 virus, public worship and group meetings cease in the Diocese of Missouri through at least April 3. The situation will be re-evaluated at that time as we seek to be the Church in the world during this time of pandemic.

Therefore, we will have no in-person public worship through at least April 3. I am also asking that our parish groups and committees, such Men’s Group, Lenten Book Study, Lunch Bunch, chair exercises, choirs, Garden Committee, Peace and Justice, and so on, not meet in person, even if such a meeting would fall below the 10 person threshold now being urged by the CDC, in solidarity with our most vulnerable members and with the lack of certainty about how long the virus can exist on surfaces.

As this situation has been rapidly changing, hour by hour, your parish leadership has been prayerfully discerning our response and planning for contingencies such as this, especially as surrounding dioceses have also cancelled public worship and made other adjustments.

We will offer worship online via Facebook Live each Sunday at 10:30 with only myself and necessary staff, and will also establish other ways to stay in touch electronically during the week. Please also remember that even in this time, our community remains vibrant. If you need anything from me or have any questions, please contact me via my cell phone.

If you do not have a Book of Common Prayer at home and would like to borrow one, or if you would like to receive communion or just chat, please contact me.

In the meantime, please continue to check on your fellow-parishioners and your neighbors, especially those who are alone or isolated. Please let me know if you or someone you love is ill. Please hold each other in prayer, and stay strong, compassionate, and resilient. Pray especially for doctors, nurses, and health care professionals and caregivers.

Prayer for People Critically Ill or Facing Great Uncertainty


God of the present moment,

God who in Jesus stills the storm

and soothes the frantic heart,

bring hope and courage to all

who wait or work in uncertainty.

Bring hope that you will make them the equal

of whatever lies ahead.

Bring them courage to endure what cannot be avoided,

for your will is health and wholeness;

you are God, and we need you.


                    — New Zealand Prayer Book, p. 765


In Christ,

The Rev. Leslie Scoopmire
Priest in Charge

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