Living Mindfully in Christ: Praying from the Heart

An 8-week class to help you find God in every step

Dates:  July 30 to September 17 (with a full day retreat September 7)
Day/Time:  Tuesdays from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm and possibly mornings if there is interest
Where: St Martin’s Episcopal Church
Maximum Enrollment:  8

Who:  Are you overwhelmed with busyness?  Do you worry?  Have your prayers become perfunctory or hurried petitions between activities?  Do want to learn to manage your worry or create space between activities so you can rest in God’s love?  Then this class is for you! Open to adults of all ages.

What: This experiential 8-week class will lead you in prayers of the heart and reinforce self-awareness to non-judgmentally manage the thoughts and emotions that keeps us trapped in the busyness of everyday life

What to Expect in Class: The class combines mindfulness with cognitive behavioral tools. There are no PowerPoints – just experiencing and guided discussion. Each class devotes the first half hour to discussing your experiences with your daily home practice. The second half hour focuses on learning tools to develop awareness of thoughts and emotions. This is followed by a half hour of meditation. Participants spend the last half hour in guided discussion about what your experience.  Check out the working syllabus.

Companion Text:   The Dance of Life: Weaving Sorrows and Blessings into One Joyful Step by Henri Nouwen and edited by Michael Ford.

Group Leader:  Learn about Sandra Miller, MSW, LCSW, your group leader. Read some of her blogs to learn about how she thinks.

What Participants Say About The Class: Wes M. writes, In essence, this class has helped me to practice prayer not as a Christian duty and empty ritual of faith, but rather as a life-affirming relationship with a loving father who wants to share his presence and healing with me. Read more about Wes’s experience and what other participants are saying about the class.

Register Now:  Registration is first come, first served.  The first eight registrants will join the class. If there are enough people to support a morning and evening class, we may be able to do both.  Complete the online brief registration form or get a registration form from the office at St. Martin’s.

Questions: Email Sandra Miller. You will receive a response within 24 hours.