Let Your Voice Be Heard!

The Diocese of Missouri is set to elect the 11th Bishop in November of 2019.

Holy Listening Sessions

The members of the Bishop Search/Nominating Committee want to hear your voice. We are committed to receiving as much input as possible about how people in our congregations and ministry groups see our diocese, the work of the Episcopal Church in Missouri, and what you hope for and think we need in a new Bishop.

We are beginning this process with face-to-face conversations in every congregation with a team of two members of the Search/Nominating Committee and as many people of all ages from every congregation as possible. This time together will last 90 minutes.

We, the Search/Nominating Committee, are still in the process of setting a calendar to visit all parishes for Holy Listening sessions so we ask for your patience.

A small number of parishes will begin the process on February 3, and the sessions will be scheduled at different parishes each Sunday in February, with the last session scheduled for Sunday March 3. Please make every effort to be present so that every voice is heard.

Online Survey

Going live on February 5 (link at www.diocesemo.org/bishopsearch).

This online survey will give you yet another opportunity to be heard.

  • What vision and values should our next Bishop have?
  • What are your priorities for the Diocese in the years ahead?

The link will remain active for 3 weeks. Here’s an opportunity you don’t want to miss. Let your voice be heard!

– From the Search/Nominating Committee

*** Taken from the Diocesan weekly email, iSeek, sent out on Thursday, January 24, 2019 ***