Lector and Eucharistic Minister Training This Sunday

Our worship together each week is a beautiful time of community. It’s a time when we all bring our gifts and our fellowship and offer them up in making the liturgy together. It’s important to remember that in the Episcopal tradition, the work of ALL the people is necessary for Eucharist to take place. Holy community, wholly thankful, holy communion.

We are looking for any wonderful people who would like to be trained as lectors this coming Sunday at 9:00 am—between the 8:00 and 10:15 services. We will go over how to find your readings, how to prepare, tips for pronunciation, and so on. We would love to have people from age 14 and up take part in this ministry.

It is the tradition here at St. Martin’s that lay readers may also serve as Eucharistic Ministers. Adults being trained as lay readers may also get training to be licensed as Eucharistic Minsters this Sunday.

Eucharistic Minister training will be offered after the 505 on Saturday as well.

Come join us, and help support the worship life of our parish as a minister of God’s Word and Table!