Last night’s tornado and wind damage in mid-MO

Many of us in the diocese woke up to the news Thursday morning that a powerful tornado had devastated parts of Jefferson City, and many have been asking, “What can we do?” Initial reports from the Rev. Ian Lasch at Grace Church, Jefferson City are that Grace Church is intact although there has been at least some minor damage to a door. News reports have estimated 20 people hospitalized for injuries but no deaths.

Neighboring St. Mark’s Church in Portland have checked in with one another and they and the church appear to be fine.

The first 72 hours of a disaster are best left to the people who live there and local agencies…so for now, what the people in Jefferson City need most from the Diocese of Missouri is our prayers and our generosity. Donations to Episcopal Relief and Development are always welcome. Many communities in neighboring dioceses have also been affected.

Hopefully, as more details emerge, we will have a better idea what is needed in Jefferson City in the way of volunteers and resources, but the extent of this is not yet known. Please stay tuned…and please pray.

Compassionate God, look with favor on your human family, and relieve the suffering of those affected by tornadoes in the Midwest–especially our diocesan family at Grace Church, Jefferson City, and their rector Ian. Help us to discern how we can be God’s hands and feet moving forward as Jefferson City and other affected communities rebuild. Remind each of us that you are present in the storm, and you are with those we love, even in grief, confusion, disbelief, and shock. In the name of the One who stilled the storm, we now pray. AMEN

–the Rev. Maria Evans, Diocesan Disaster Response Co-coordinator, and Interim Pastor of Christ Church, Rolla


(Photo use permission Office of Gov. Mike Parson from a Thursday morning damage assessment flight.)


*** Taken from the Diocesan weekly email, iSeek, sent out on Thursday, May 23, 2019 ***