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Baptism calls every Christian to the margins

This week’s JesusHacked podcast (click here) episode concludes our two-part series about discerning membership in an Anglican religious order.

Host Barbi Click speaks with the Rev. Maria Evans, MD. She’s currently the interim assistant priest at St. Luke’s and Good Shepherd, before her ministry of interim takes her to the next destination. Excerpt below.

…ME: I tell a lot of people about a favorite place that I like to just sit. There’s a place, up in the very northeast corner of the state, little place called Taylor, Missouri, where if you sit on top of the levee, you’re sitting next to the Mississippi River, but if you look up to your left you can see where the Des Moines River is flowing into the Mississippi. And when I first kind of discovered that place, I remember sitting out there one day and it was after we’d had a pretty big thunderstorm. And I was watching entire trees float down the river. The power of this current was making entire trees go down the river. And I just had this realization that where baptism was calling me was very powerful. And it was scary because it was like, this thing will sweep you away.

BC: Yeah. Into places you can’t…

ME: Into places you can’t even imagine. It swept me into South Sudan, and swept me into a formal discernment pathway for ordination, and it swept me into the Anamchara fellowship. And I think, as the years roll by, God’s going to reveal other margins that I’m supposed to be called to. And I think the challenge for us as Christians is to be able to freely step into that water and let the current take us.

BC: I feel that in my own life, each moment of discernment, whether it began back as a teenager, in the Diocese of Fort Worth, as I went on our journey, as we got here, each level of discernment took me a little bit further away from the life that I had known before. And while it separated me from a lot of things, it also brought me closer to an understanding that I belonged to God. And that as I began to take vows, to look at my baptismal vows more closely. To the vows that I took with the Rivendell community. The vows that I’m looking at as I begin the idea of ordination as a deacon. These things are pulling me away from the life I have known before.
BC: That’s not a bad thing, but it’s kind of a frightening thing. Does that make any sense to you?

ME: Yeah. And I would describe it like the old Charles Atlas bodybuilding commercials, dynamic tension. Because I think…


*** Taken from the Diocesan weekly email iSeek sent out on August 31, 2018 ***