Invite Welcome Connect is a ministry of transformation that equips and empowers congregations and individuals to cultivate intentional practices rooted in the gospel.  There are many examples of this ministry being successful, even locally.  Following are comments from Luke Jernagan, rector of St. Peter’s Church in Ladue:

Invite Welcome Connect has been transformational at St. Peter’s.  Since Mary’s presentation in 2014, our average Sunday attendance has grown over 40 percent. But growth in membership and attendance has been the secondary effect.  The primary transformation in our parish is the welcoming way that long-time parishioners treat each other.  For the parishioners who took part in the Invite Welcome Connect work, considering the reasons why someone would join our parish has opened their eyes to the many ways God is present and working through this community.  This has given folks a renewed zeal in inviting others to worship here.  They’re proud of their church!  That sense of joy in sharing the gospel has become contagious, and it has been a blessing to watch.  St. Peter’s has become known in St. Louis as the joyful, welcoming church.  Long-time parishioners would say that is nearly a miracle!

Christ Church Cathedral in Lexington, KY reported a 48% increase in average Sunday attendance; St. John’s in Tallahassee, FL has welcomed more than 100 members in just one year; Good Shepherd in Dallas, TX saw new member increases of 5%, 10% and 10% over three years[1].

If other churches have been able to show success, there’s no doubt that THIS is St. Martin’s time to come together.  We need EVERYONE to be involved.  Please mark the workshop dates on your calendars and make it a priority to attend.  You’ll be fed delicious food and the nursery will be available.

[1] Text and information come from Mary Parmer’s Book Invite Welcome Connect


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