Garden Results for June

St. Martin's GardenThe garden results for June are in! We harvested 238 pounds of fresh produce this month and made nine deliveries to Circle of Concern. So far this season we have harvested 331 pounds compared to last year’s 148 pounds. The difference this year is that we planted earlier and expanded the number of beds. The “heavy weight” winners so far are squash, coming in at over 73 pounds; followed by both cucumbers and lettuce at 54 pounds. Our tomatoes are getting big and slowly ripening. We hope they will ready in the next two weeks.  By the way, have you ever seen a seven-foot tomato plant? Come out to the garden and see for yourself. And don’t forget our Great Garlic & Onion Give Away coming up on Saturday, July 14th at the 5:o5 and Sunday July 15th at the 8:00 and 10:15 services. If you can give us a donation when you pick up your garlic and onions then we thank – if you can’t, we still thank you. We thank you for being a blessing in our lives as we hope we are a blessing in yours. Peace to all!