Everybody’s Story Children’s Library: Thank You!

Thank you to the  most recent donors to the Everybody’s Story Children’s Library: Anne and Jim Fischer, Gail Smith, Reverend Leslie Scoopmire, Rina Chittooran, Mary Mathai, Stacy Bendl, Daryl Norman, Mary and Doug Edmonson.

Looking for a unique way to celebrate a birthday, honor a loved one’s memory, or mark a special occasion?  Consider donating to St. Martin’s Everybody’s Story Children’s Library!  You may choose a book or books from our Wish List (copies of which may be found on the new library shelf), or write a check (made out to St. Martin’s with “Children’s Library” on the memo line and placed in the offering plate) and the Library Committee will do the shopping for you. Hardcover books are about $18-$25.  A bookplate will be placed in the book(s) acknowledging both donor and honoree.  It’s a gift that keeps on giving as it both shares the joy of reading and spreads the message that we are all unique individuals loved by God.