Circle of Concern Update

Client Choice

Exciting change is coming to Circle of Concern! In an effort to better serve our client families, Circle will soon move from a traditional pantry model toward the best-practice, industry-standard, Client Choice Pantry Model. This new way of serving our clients will:

  • address medical, dietary and cultural needs;
  • reduce waste;
  • give our clients a sense of dignity and control.

Quite simply, client choice means that our clients will choose their own groceries from Circle’s shelves. This new way of “pantrying” will require some adjustments in the pantry to allow room for shoppers and carts. So we’ve been reconfiguring and making improvements to the building; maximizing our storage and work spaces and choosing durable, easy-to-clean materials. While we were at it, we added some fresh paint and a new AC unit in the warehouse; and new flooring and cabinets in our conference room. Our pot-holed parking lot is getting a face-lift too.

Much of the work was paid for by an anonymous donor, to whom we are ever so grateful. We’re grateful, too, to our wonderful volunteers who have overwhelmingly embraced the changes that have occurred and those yet to come.

When I imagine how “choice” will look in our pantry, I think of the many single moms we serve… whose children’s tastes and preferences are as varied as our own. I think of the elderly gentleman living with diabetes; he’s been trying to make healthy choices. I think of the many families who quietly ask that we not include pork products in their grocery bags. Soon, all who cross through our doors will have the dignity of choosing their own groceries.

Warmest regards,

Cyndi Miller, Executive Director, Circle of Concern





*** Taken from the Monthly "Around the Circle Newsletter" from the Circle of Concern Food Pantry, dated September 2018 ***