Diocesan Leaders Needed

At our annual meeting in November, the lay members and clergy of this diocese will elect persons to our governance bodies. Have you thought about nominating yourself or a member of your church?

We’ll elect folks to serve on Diocesan Council, Standing Committee, the Disciplinary Board, and the diocesan members of Cathedral Chapter. You can learn a bit more about the positions in our handy nominations flyer (which also works well on bulletin boards in your parish) or online (links from the main convention page).

Want an inside view of the work of Standing Committee or Diocesan Council? Listen to last season’s podcasts with Council member Al Ludwig and Standing Committee member Adam Pearson.

One-stop shopping for all things convention is diocesemo.org/convention2018, and if it’s not online there, it’s likely not yet available.

New this year, online nomination form! Here’s a direct link.

Thinking about submitting a resolution? Here’s a quick guide.

Pray on it, discern it, mull it over. Both nominations and resolutions need to be received by 5 PM on Friday, September 28, 2018.