An Update on our Search Process

Tom Allen, Senior Warden

By Tom Allen, Senior Warden

You’re probably wondering, “what’s going on with the search for our new Priest? I thought we would have an answer by the end of June?”

Well fellow parishioners, as you might imagine, as our search for a new Priest nears its end, the amount of information we can share becomes limited. But here’s what we can tell you:

  • We are close to an announcement.
  • We are excited about the future of St. Martin’s.
  • We have followed an incredibly thorough, thoughtful and prayerful process.

You may remember that the Bishop authorized that we try a different approach from the standard two-year interim process, and hire a Priest in Charge. This approach offers an expedited way to find our next Priest and hire that person for a three-year term, where after two years, the Vestry decides if the person we called will be our next Rector.

This approach allowed us to expand our candidate pool, and offered us the flexibility to consider Priests who may not have the seasoning and tenure we’re used to, and instead consider a focus on potential, energy and bright-eyed enthusiasm for what is a truly unique opportunity to build a transformational community.

Christianity is in many ways based on the concept of resurrection and new beginnings. St. Martin’s will have an opportunity to begin again, grow again, welcome a new Priest, build on our strong community, and thrive, moving forward.

We are, indeed, a beacon of Christ’s love. We have a unique opportunity to participate in the rebirth of our church. Together.

Peace, Tom