Adopt a Family

Circle of Concern Holiday Program

Last fall, friend-of-circle Deborah had a talk with her grandchildren. Knowing that they would receive lots of cherished gifts for Christmas, she proposed that her gift to them would be the “adoption” of a child in need in a Circle of Concern family for the holidays. The catch? Each grandchild would shop for the gifts with Grandma, with Grandpa holding the calculator to stay on budget! Besides the children, Grandma and Grandpa would buy gifts for the grown-ups in the house.

This year, Circle is expanding their Holiday Family Adoption program and inviting more friends, businesses, churches and civic groups to adopt Circle client families than ever before. Last year, 306 families were adopted; this year, we expect that number will be closer to 600! To make this happen, WE NEED YOU!

One way to reach this goal is by inviting parents and grandparents to give their children and grandchildren the joy of giving  as a gift for the season. Click here to visit the Holiday Family Adoption Page. You can choose to sponsor a family of one person or many. As a sponsor, you will receive a wish list from each member of the family, including the adults. An expenditure of approximately $50 per person is common. Gifts will be collected on December 12 and families will receive these gifts on December 13.

Please consider teaching the children in your life the joy of giving. It will be the best gift you’ll ever give them!


***** taken from the October 2017 issue of Circle Newsletter *****