Vestry Vibes

Recap of June Vestry Meeting

Tom Allen, Senior Warden

The Vestry met on June 28 for our regular monthly meeting. Here are the highlights of what we covered:

  • We welcomed Rev. Jerre Birdsong from the Standing Committee. Jerre educated us on the White Fund, which is a trust set up by Kelton E. and Alma Mayland White in 1994 that churches in the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri can access for long-term, low-interest loans to fund capital improvements. As the Vestry contemplates a Capital Campaign to meet our facilities needs, this may be a viable funding alternative.
  • Sherrie Algren shared the very good news that we received a grant of $2,500 to install a Hearing Loop, which is a technology designed to augment t-coil devices, such as hearing aids, to allow parishioners to better participate in services. We would still need to raise additional monies to fund the project in its entirety (total cost is $5,730), and we would want to coordinate this project with the installation of the new flooring.
  • Susan Carpenter gave an update on the very successful Youth Mission trip she and Jon hosted to Heifer International in Little Rock, Ark. Here, the kids “roughed it” by experiencing first-hand what it might be like to live in extreme poverty. The Youth Group is extending their experience with Heifer through the “Change the World Ministry” that collects change to buy seeds and livestock for third-world countries.
  • We discussed ideas for how to disburse the $5,692.83 in 2016 income from the Legacy Endowment Fund (LEF). We have proposed back to the LEF Committee that the income fund a number of Outreach projects, within our parish, our neighborhood, our nation and our world. Once we receive final approval from the LEF Committee on our recommendations, we will share the specifics in an upcoming communication.
  • We approved the May Financials and the minutes to the May Vestry meeting. You can view both of these on the Vestry bulletin board.

The Vestry asks for your prayers and support as we seek to fulfill the mission of the church. If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to any of us.