Meet the Nominees

Diocesan Leadership Positions

The slate of nominees for diocesan leadership positions is announced. Much appreciation for the hard work of the Committee on Nominations and Election Procedures chaired by Rich Luebcke for coordinating this roster of nominees to Diocesan Council, Standing Committee, Disciplinary Board and the Cathedral Chapter.

For Cathedral Chapter (electing 1 clergy and 1 layperson)

  • The Rev. Carol Wesley, St. John and St. James, Sullivan
  • Greta Lambert, Trinity, De Soto

For Diocesan Council (electing 2 laypersons)

  • Scott Ferguson, Holy Communion, University City
  • Sondra Kekec, All Saints, Farmington
  • John Meinhardt, St. Vincent’s in the Vineyard
  • Janet Thompson, Calvary, Columbia
  • Rudy Walz, Emmanuel, Webster Groves
  • Liz Yount, St. Peter’s, Ladue

For Disciplinary Board (electing 1 clergy and 2 laypersons)

  • The Rev. Dawn-Victoria Mitchell, Trinity, Hannibal
  • The Rev. Beth Simpson, St. Matthew’s, Mexico
  • Krissy Bender-Crice, All Saints’, Farmington
  • Jeanne Lucas King, St. Martin’s, Ellisville
  • Scott Thompson, St. Mark’s, St. Louis

For Standing Committee (electing 1 clergy and 2 laypersons)

  • The Rev. Kevin McGrane
  • The Rev. Leslie Scoopmire
  • Tom Allen, St. Martin’s, Ellisville
  • Dave Buck, Emmanuel, Webster Groves
  • Timothy DeMent, St. Vincent’s in the Vineyard, Ste. Genevieve
  • Lisa Fox, Grace, Jefferson City
  • Loretta Go, St. Martin’s, Ellisville
  • Jeff Yount, St. Peter’s, Ladue

Elections will take place at the annual convention of the diocese, held this year on Nov. 17-18 in Hannibal, with parish delegates and clergy voting.