Longing for the Holy City

Adrienne Dillon wrote a reflection on Becoming Beloved Community and our yearning for the New Jerusalem. She’s a member of the Dismantling Racism Commission and All Saints/Ascension Church in Northwoods.

“…If we trust God’s love, we need not fear that one person’s gain means loss for another. We need not deny the humanity of someone of a different color. We need not struggle for control or dominance over others. We need not use wealth as a measure of superiority. Instead, we must look for God’s presence in everyone we encounter.

Recognizing the divine in each other, we must call to account the unjust social structures that divide us. In God’s holy city, no one lacks food, shelter, education or health care. In the Beloved Community, no one is privileged and no one is rejected. God is in the center, and we see by God’s holy light.”

Read Adrienne’s reflection online.