Convention elects and approves…

The 178th Diocesan Convention has elected to Cathedral Chapter: Greta Lambert and the Rev. Carol Wesley; to Diocesan Council, Sondra Kekec and Janet Thompson; to Disciplinary Board, the Rev. Dawn-Victoria Mitchell, Krissy Bender-Crice, Scott Thompson; to Standing Committee, the Rev. Leslie Scoopmire, Lisa Fox, and Loretta Go.

The three resolutions, and one resolution to the Constitution and Canons were passed by convention. There was some revision of language in B-178 and C-178, and you can find that all on the convention webpage,

Convention passed the 2018 operating budget for the diocese as submitted, copies of that on the above linked webpage.

Official minutes of convention will likely be available by the end of the calendar year. Images and presentations will be added to diocesan news in the next days.


*** Reprinted from the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri iSeek emailed on 11/22/17. ***