Reflections by Mother Leslie

It is wonderful to be a part of this community of faith that comes together each week to give thanks and lift our hearts to God.

Reflections by Mother Leslie

Reflections of the week by Mother Leslie: letting go and embracing the new, lessons in grace and gratitude, a new season is upon us.

Reflections by Mother Leslie

Reflections of the week by Mother Leslie: St. Martin’s over 53 years and living out this weekend’s gospel by welcoming one more into the Body of Christ.

New (Social Media) Locations for St. Martin’s

Two new locations to find (and share) the ongoing adventures of the beloved community of St. Martin’s — Twitter and Instagram.

Are you called to the search for the next Bishop of Missouri?

The Standing Committee is looking for people from across the constituencies of this diocese, lay and ordained, to be members of the Search and Nominating Committee for our next bishop.

Diocesan Leaders Needed

At our annual meeting in November, the lay members and clergy of this diocese will elect persons to our governance bodies. Have you thought about nominating yourself or a member of your church?

Reflections by Mother Leslie

We remember those who are willing to lay down their lives for others. And we also remember that God is in the midst of the storm as surely as God is in the midst of joy.

Ministry Information

Acolyte Training

Mother Leslie will conduct acolyte training on September 30. It will be fun and educational, AND there will be pizza!

Reflections by Mother Leslie

Beloved People of St. Martin’s: The program year here at St. Martin’s will kick off this coming Sunday, and it’s going to be a fantastic day for a host of reasons.

Music Notes by Denise

You will find a new hymnal in your pew this Sunday AND mark your calendar for the first annual St. Martin’s Music Festival on Sunday, October 14th, at 3:00 p.m.

Thank You!

A HUGE Thank You to Rick’s ACE Hardware, Town & Country, for another donation of mulch and top soil for our landscaping needs!  

Thanksgiving in August

Every Saturday and Sunday, we together give thanks for the love of God and for the life death and resurrection of Christ when we together celebrate “Eucharist,” which comes from the Greek word for “thanksgiving.”

New Parish Directory

If you have new contact information (canceled landline, new email address, etc.) please email the parish administrator as soon as possible.

Being Bread for the Life of the World by Rev. Leslie Scoopmire

It’s important to never forget that Jesus first satisfied the physical hunger of the crowds, and then used bread as a metaphor to promise eternal life.

Prisms of Prayer by Rev. Leslie Scoopmire

It has been such an amazing and humbling time for me as I have completed my first two full weeks among the wonderful people at St. Martin’s.