PODCAST: Midwifery with the Yazidi

This December, Jane Drichta stopped by to talk with host Barbi Click about her new organization that works with pregnant and lactating women, who have suffered trauma. She’s most recently worked with the Yazidi women, fleeing from ISIS genocide.

PODCAST: Becoming Beloved Community

At diocesan convention in Hannibal, one of the keynote speakers was the Rev. Charles Wynder, in his role as racial reconciliation officer from the presiding bishop’s staff. He spoke about Becoming Beloved Community, the church’s long term program from racial reconciliation and healing.

Good Book Club

Many Episcopalians denomination-wide are committing to focus on the Holy Scriptures and read the Gospel of Luke and the Book of Acts (written as a sequel by the same author) during Lent and Easter Season 2018. Forward Movement Day by Day is calling it “The Good Book Club.”


Absalom Jones Celebration: Raising Anti-Racist Children

The Dismantling Racism Commission organizes our annual celebration of the life and ministry of the Rev. Absalom Jones, the first African American ordained as priest in the US. And stepping outside the box this year, they’ve designed a morning program for children and parents or grandparents.

The Story Behind The Story: Christmas 2017

The story behind the story is that God so loved the world, and so loves you, and so loves me. Have a blessed Christmas, a wonderful New Year, and go out and make music in the heart of the world.

On the mighty waters of baptism

Bishop Wayne Smith spoke to the diocese at our just concluded annual convention about baptism and our prayer book (“built for a people devoted to baptizing, and being the church, and growing in discipleship”), and about reconciliation and generosity.

Updated interactive anti-racism training debuts in January

In January, the Dismantling Racism Commission will present its revised training program and manual, designed to be move interactive and incorporate more active participation and sharing from participants.

Church Event

Social Justice Event at St. Martin’s

Want to know more about efforts to build social justice ministries in parishes around the diocese? More about how you can get involved?

New Episcopal News website launches

The communications team has been working hard to create a site that belongs to all of us in the church, a place to tell our story, to inform Episcopalians and others about how the Episcopal Church lives into the Jesus Movement and lives out the gospel in the world.

The Episcopal Church and United Methodist Church Dialogue

The Episcopal Church-United Methodist Dialogue Committee met in Washington, D.C., to continue its work on establishing a full communion relationship between the two denominations.

Discerning God’s Claim On Our Lives

JesusHacked:Storytelling Faith unpacks that dense term “discernment” and helps us imagine how a person, how a community hears God’s call to deeper ministry or to ordination.


Screen Agers – A Special Screening

The Church of St. Michael & St. George is hosting a special screening and panel discussion of Screen Agers. The award-winning SCREENAGERS probes into the vulnerable corners of family life and the struggles regarding the digital world of our kids.


Celebrating 500 Years

Do you recognize the date October 31, 1517? It’s the day that Martin Luther published his 95 Theses, “Disputation on the Power and Efficacy of Indulgences,” a list of questions and propositions for debate. Luther hung the document on the door of the Wittenberg Castle church to announce the ensuing discussions he was organizing.

Gun Violence, Las Vegas, Missouri

An invitation from the Bishop of Nevada and the Bishops United went out to Episcopal parishes to ring their bells on Tuesday morning, once for each person who died in the Las Vegas mass shooting.

JesusHacked Podcast – Standing Committee

Host Shug Goodlow and Dr. Pearson are both members of Standing Committee, and on this podcast episode they talk about the ins and outs of this governing body and its mission for the health of the diocese.